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Knee Implants

In Total Knee Replacement surgery defective and painful part of Knee Joint is removed and Artificial Knee joint is fitted, thus free movement of Knee Joint is made possible.

In Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis pain in the joints are very severe and unbearable thus affecting the daily movement of the patients.

After Knee Replacement surgery patient is relieved from pain. In addition, deformity is corrected and patient can move his Knee freely, restoring normal daily activities. Now the extent at which the knee can bend after surgery depends upon number of factors like original knee bending quality, bone quality, quality of implant used etc. In case of obese patients bending may be less after surgery.
Most of the patients after Knee Replacement surgery are normal, performing their regular duties and activities in normal way as before like climbing on stairs, walking and sitting on chair and sofa.
After Knee Replacement surgery, patients are advised to go for light exercise, not putting more strain on joints. Patients usually take 2-3 months to recover fully, so that they can start their normal routine activities. They are in a position to even drive a car and play games like tennis.