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Absorbable Sutures

Absorbable Sutures or Stitches are also known as dissolvable sutures or stitches.

After  any accident  tissues of the body get injured and to hold these tissues together sutures are useful. It involves a needle of required length and thread. Sutures are made of different materials like cotton, silk etc. Strict quality check are been implemented in the selection of the material of these sutures and extra care is taken while packing too. Absorbable sutures can be used in case of external  as well as internal wounds and injuries.

Some important factors about these sutures are i.e.  i- Their elasticity depends upon the organ and on it’s movement elasticity of the thread is determined. ii- Decomposition property plays an important role as if the wound is not much deep thus rapidly decomposing sutures can be used. iii-Sutures can be thick or thin depending upon the nature of wound. In rare cases a stitch do not completely dissolve which can be removed after wound is healed.